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Depressed and Anxious

These past few days have really been a trial for me. I am so sad over Hannah’s failing health. But mostly I am depressed about my non-relationship with Sabrina. We have our meeting with John tomorrow. We actually had a … Continue reading

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A Movie And A Snub

I took the girls to the movies tonight We saw “Easy A,” and it was a great movie. It did spark conversation amongst us about STDs and about high school in general. The girls love high school and love Pep … Continue reading

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Jury Duty and Allergies

Yesterday I had jury duty at JP #2. We were dismissed by 10:30 a.m. No cases to try. Today was another bad allergy day. Migraine and PAIN! Took so much meds. Tomorrow is our Reading Circle. Then I plan to … Continue reading

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What A Wasted Day!

Where did this day go? What a waste! I just camped out on the couch and played trivia games, because my allergies are still bad. I did read a couple of chapters in my Sister Fidelma book. I loaded too … Continue reading

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Two Nasty Days in a Row

Allergies have been TERRIBLE for the past 2 days. Molds have been outrageously high, and so has ragweed. But at least today was better than yesterday. I thank God for small favors. I had planned to call Morgan this morning … Continue reading

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I Feel So Sad

I took Ernie to the groomer this morning and he looks great. But I bought some canned food for Hannah, in hopes that she would eat. But she hasn’t touched it. She has a weak, pained cry. She stumbled on … Continue reading

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Sinus Problems and The Ungrateful Bitch

I have discovered why I have not felt well all week. When I was praying this morning, I could feel the sinus pain when I bowed and prostrated. Then I had terrible pain in the bones under both my eyes, … Continue reading

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Why Am I Still So Depressed?

I am still depressed and anxious. Not as bad as yesterday or the day before, but still had IBS this morning and headache (rebound from the hydrocodone?). I have not had a call from Sabrina in a week. She didn’t … Continue reading

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A "Sick Day"

I feel awful today. I was unbelievably tired this morning, even though I went to bed relatively early last night. Ernie slept with me on the bed all night. I think he was still groggy from the anesthesia. I was … Continue reading

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A Difficult Day, So Far

Well, it has not been a good day thus far. I got a call from the vet around 10:30. Ernie was under anesthesia, and she cleaning his teeth when she discovered that he has a fractured jaw! Good grief! She … Continue reading

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