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So Far So Good

It is 4 a.m. I woke at 3:30 a.m., which is even earlier than usual (an hour earlier!). I even took extra Klonopin before I went to sleep. WHAT THE …?! I just don’t get it. Dr. S is going … Continue reading

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Three Times in One Day!

I feel so bad. Palwasha wants to know and be supportive of the girls. And I had to tell her the truth, the AWFUL truth about my bigoted daughter. I gave her examples of her bias against Hispanics. I hope … Continue reading

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Is This Another One? Oh, HELL, NO!

Rarely do I write 2 blogs in one day, let alone one morning, but after prayers, after I came downstairs and opened my computer to add Palwasha to Twitter, I got an aura. Auras for me often but not always … Continue reading

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I had another terrible migraine yesterday. ¡Maldita sea! I really wanted to get to Juma’ and then have coffee with Abudharr. Well, inshallah, I will get there tonight for the Saturday program. There will be a speaker from Houston tonight. … Continue reading

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Have I Lost My Daughter?

I went to see John Sherwood yesterday. It was so upsetting that I couldn’t even write about it until now. We had a rather heated discussion about religion–my religion specially, but also religion in general. John really has a real … Continue reading

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Dreams WITHOUT Eating Late!

Good grief! This was not a dream; it was a nightmare! I dreamt that I was working back at Harcourt. There was a swimming pool involved and we were all having a great time in the pool. The dream involved … Continue reading

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Good Morning

Woke early again, this time 4:30 a.m.! Crazy me, I actually took BOTH my a.m. and p.m. meds last night, so I had to take another set of a.m. meds today. Slept okay, I guess, with some dreams but I … Continue reading

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Slept Like A Log

I remember absolutely no dreams from last night, though I feared there would be many after all I ate last night. But I am still waking at about 5 a.m. every day with a headache. I don’t believe it is … Continue reading

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Ate Too Late After Our Appointment

I was right to be apprehensive about our (Sabrina and my) appointment with John yesterday. She was pleasant when she came in, a little depressed, I think, because she didn’t get the job she was so certain she was going … Continue reading

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I’m So Anxious

6:15 p.m That’s the time of Sabrina and my appointment with John, my therapist. I am unbelievable nervous and anxious. Our last session was so upsetting. I hope and pray that we can work out our problems. I miss my … Continue reading

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