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How Can We Know Who Allah Really Is?

I am so confused. I wrote this great post about my thoughts about Allah (swt) and how we can not really know about Him, and it has disappeared! Anyway, my thought went something like this: we can never really know … Continue reading

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Well, I Tried

I had, or thought I had, a great idea for a gift (an expensive one–am I crazy?) for the Hahn/McNally family. They don’t have an X-box, and I’ve seen the commercials for the dance module that goes with it. I … Continue reading

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More Falls, Literally

Last night I took my granddaughters for dinner at their favorite restaurant–for us–Red Lobster. Cassie was awfully quiet. Jackie was talkative as usual. I had invited Sabrina, too, but Clint seems to have the flu–a virus, she says–but it sounds … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” The Dream Act, and the Palestinians and Israel

  Yesterday the Senate FINALLY passed the repeal of  “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell”! It’s about time. Thousands of gay and lesbians has served our country and given their lives for this country, all the while fearing that they would be … Continue reading

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Family Dreams, New York Dreams

I had two sets of wild and crazy dreams last night. The 1st one involved by brother Pat. I had receiving one of talking texts that his girlfriend was pregnant. Firstly I was surprised that he had used technology to … Continue reading

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I’m never very comfortable with weekends. I wonder why. Maybe it’s because the days are not as structured as weekdays for me. I always feel very much alone on weekends, I don’t hear from my daughter or granddaughters on the … Continue reading

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French Carols

I know. I am a Muslima. What am I doing listening to French Christmas carols? I love the music, especially the old winter carols and tunes from medieval times. I love the English ones too. I love them all. They … Continue reading

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A Good Session

My session with the therapist was difficult today but a good one. I went alone without my daughter (I usually see him alone after a session with her). We talked about the Monday night session and Sabrina’s intense emotional reaction … Continue reading

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Money Mistakes and Annoyances

Last night I went into a complete panicked meltdown. I spent so much money in the past week, it is just ridiculous. I bought Christmas presents for myself impulsively; I bought Christmas presents for my family impulsively and overspent WAY … Continue reading

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More Holes In My Ears And The High Price of Show Tickets

Today, after my teeth-cleaning (which went very well, by the way; maybe there is something to this “law of attraction” stuff), I went by The Buddha Box and order two nose jewelry pieces: a Celtic knot (trinity) and a flower … Continue reading

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