Optomist Or Pessimist?

Am I an optomist or a pessimist? I am both, depending on circumstances. I’m an optomist in the sense that I expect the best and the good in people. I’m not cynical in general about people and their motives. Maybe that makes me a bit naïve about dealings with people, but for the most part I believe in the goodness of people and am trusting of people. Yes, I’ve gotten hurt plenty of times by people whom I trusted. I’ve been disappointed by what people have done or not done, but in general I trust people, I give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong and hurt, betray, or disappoint me by not keeping promises, etc.

But I am a pessimist when it comes to things like technology. I am not computer-savvy, and hate to deal with electronic things.I tend to be pessimist, in that I believe that I will not be able to hook up the printer to the computer or figure out how to use the scanner and fax machine. The directions on such machines totally confuse me and make me nervous. For example, I bought a wireless all-in-one when I bought my computer and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to connect it. In addition to that, I have been unable to get any people to come to my house to try to figure out the problem. I have no idea what all the things are on the menus and have periodically worked on it for over a year and still it isn’t hooked up. Now I really need a fax/scanner so I have purchased a different one. (I bought a printer earlier that is not wireless and at least I can print and copy.) I am having severe anxiety issues with knowing that I have to pick up this machine in a day or two and then try to install it. But, being the pessimist that I am, I also bought Geek support for two years in order to get someone here to help me if I run into trouble hooking it up.

So that’s my answer. Depends. Not really one or the other. It all depends on the circumstances.

About mairedubhtx

I am a "youngish" grandmother of 15 year old twin granddaughter who has recently (is a year "recent"?) adopted Islam as my way of life, much to the consternation of my family. I love to read. I love to write. I am writing a book about my decision to revert, about my spiritual journey. I have another blog about stories from my youth, my parents, and grandparents. It's a blog so my OCD daughter will not be able to throw it out when I die. I suffer from depression and anxiety, for which I am treated, so my posts may be a bit dark at times. C'est la vie.
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