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I have a number of hidden talents that people might be surprised to learn I have. I work well with children who are in elementary school, so I am an Intergenerational Tutor at our local elementary school. We read to … Continue reading

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The Smallest Thing

My imagination is just not up to writing about electrons and protons and neutrons and all that. I am not capable to thinking on that level tonight. I have to be very concrete with this post. The smallest thing near … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge

My photo of abundance.

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The Competiton

Yesterday my daughter and I went to watch my twin 15-year-old granddaughters participate in a cheer, dance, Pep Squad competition at O’Connor High School. I don’t know why they didn’t have it at the district field house which can hold … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Kindness

I keep several packets of food in my car to give to the homeless people who beg on the streets downtown. It consists of a Starkist tuna and crackers packet and two dollar bills for a soda. That’s what I … Continue reading

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Down Time

I have a lot of “down time,” of my own choosing, since I live alone and my time is pretty much my own. I avoid all those housework duties as much as possible, and have someone come in the clean. … Continue reading

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Aggrevation and Pain

I walked out of my doctor’s office today. I had a ten o’clock appointment and waited and read until 11:30 a.m. In the meantime, while I was waiting, I developed a terrible migraine headache. Finally, I couldn’t take the pain … Continue reading

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Up Early

I usually sleep very well at night. That’s mostly due to the many medications I have to take. However, I wake up very early and have trouble getting back to sleep. I tend to worry about the events of the … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Father Matthew

I learned today of the passing of Father Matthew Kelty, who was the confessor of the famous American Catholic mystic Thomas Merton, or Father Louis as he was known to his community. Although they were the same age, Father Matthew … Continue reading

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I Need To Vent

I need to vent today. I am in a class to be a CASA volunteer. CASA stands for Court-Appointed Special Advocate, or here in San Antonio, it means Child Advocates of San Antonio (lucky how that works out). CASA volunteers … Continue reading

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