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All right. Call me a little wacko on this one, but the musician I which would come and play today is Nicolò Paganini. I can hear people saying, “Who?” Paganini was a musician and composer for the violin back in … Continue reading

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Five Question Friday

This looks like fun. I’ll have a go at it. 1. Have you ever had surgery? Yes. I had surgery for my TMJ problem 24 years ago, and 5 or 6 years ago I have surgery to correct a nasty … Continue reading

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Dreams and Nightmares

Okay, I like a challenge. This is a lame topic. Some people have lucid dreams where they can control what they dream. I’ve heard all about saying a certain verse over and over in your mind before you go to … Continue reading

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A is for Advice

Since the theme for today for the “postaday2011” is pretty lame (Do you have lucid dreams? If you could control your dreams tonight, what would they be?), I decided to try the April A-to-Z challenge. Why not? I’m sure it … Continue reading

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