I Have Lost My Mind

I write a lovely, desperate blog today about tacos, focusing on The Puffy Taco, the mascot of our minor league baseball team. Then I wondered why Stephanie wrote about rainbows and R. Now I realize that I have lost my mind and skipped R and S and went straight for T. What is the matter with me? Actually I know what happened. I woke up at one o’clock this morning and didn’t go back to sleep until after 5 o’clock. In the meantime, I wrote the Taco blog. My brain was obviously not functioning and now I am lacking an R blog. My granddaughters have not been much help. They only came up with the same thing I did. Usually they have great ideas. Where are you when I need you?

This morning I realized that I had gotten picture for “Q” but never wrote the post. So along with my “S” post I had to write the missing “Q” post. Maybe I have lost my mind.

About mairedubhtx

I am a "youngish" grandmother of 15 year old twin granddaughter who has recently (is a year "recent"?) adopted Islam as my way of life, much to the consternation of my family. I love to read. I love to write. I am writing a book about my decision to revert, about my spiritual journey. I have another blog about stories from my youth, my parents, and grandparents. It's a blog so my OCD daughter will not be able to throw it out when I die. I suffer from depression and anxiety, for which I am treated, so my posts may be a bit dark at times. C'est la vie.
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