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Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Do you and your family enjoy camping? What do you enjoy the most/like the least about family camping? When was the last time you camped? I have never been family camping and have no real desire to do so. … Continue reading

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Stand Up or Die!

What? Are you out of your mind? Push-ups? There is no way on God’s green acre that I am doing any sort of push-ups, especially not for a blog. I exercise. I walk my dogs. I peddle on the recumbent … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

Feeling sick and tired this afternoon.

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The Longest Grudge

I usually don’t hold grudges I am normally a very forgiving person. I forgive for me, so that I don’t hold on to the poison that holding grudges brings when you don’t forgive people and move on. That being said, … Continue reading

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30 Day Book Challenge

Day 9 Book that makes you sick Ancient Evenings by Norman Mailer. I got 1/3 of the way through this book and it turned by stomach.

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