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Weekly Photo Challenge–Sky

Sky in South Texas

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Six Word Saturday

Playing Gardens of Tome too much.

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30 Day Book Challenge–Day 12

Day 12. A Book that this most like your life The Gift of Years: Growing Older Gracefully by Sister Joan Chittiister This book by Sister Joan Chittister lists traits of growing older and then a meditation on each trait. It … Continue reading

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30 Days of Truth

30 Days of Truth Day 2 Something you love about yourself. I am generous to a fault. If you need helpt, I will be there to help you out. This good trait has gotten me in a bit of hot … Continue reading

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30 Day Song Challenge

30 Day Song Challenge Day 2: A song you hate This is a older song but I have always hated it. It is so maudlin and sappy. In my opinion, it has not redeeming qualities at all. Honey by Bobby … Continue reading

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Why are some people’s dreams realized and others are not? (I’m surprised that Word Press came up with a good prompt.) Some dreams are realistic and others aren’t. They are often called “pipe dreams.” Some dreams are so far out … Continue reading

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