How do you feel about snow?

I live in Texas. South Texas. I have seen snow twice since I have lived here 20 years. It was pretty pathetic but it paralyzed the city. People totally freaked out, even though it was just a little dusting of snow which melted as soon as the sun came out. It was pretty funny, actually.

I grew up and lived in upstate New York State for 40 years so I know snow. I love snow unless I have to drive in a blizzard. I love snow. I love the way it feels as it crunches under your boots as you walk across it. I look to go cross-country skiing. I love scraping the snow off a pond so that I can go ice-skating. I love catching snowflakes on my tongue as they fall from the sky–the big fluffy, ones. I love watching snow fall during the night with the lights on in the house, and sitting with a cup of hot cocoa, knowing that I will have to shovel the driveway in the morning (I’m not to fond of that but I know that the kids will be around in the morning looking to make money by shoveling so that makes me feel better).

I miss the snow. Snow epitomizes winter for me. Even though I’ve lived in south Texas for 20 years, you’d think I’d be used to winters without snow. But I’m not. I still miss snow.


About mairedubhtx

I am a "youngish" grandmother of 15 year old twin granddaughter who has recently (is a year "recent"?) adopted Islam as my way of life, much to the consternation of my family. I love to read. I love to write. I am writing a book about my decision to revert, about my spiritual journey. I have another blog about stories from my youth, my parents, and grandparents. It's a blog so my OCD daughter will not be able to throw it out when I die. I suffer from depression and anxiety, for which I am treated, so my posts may be a bit dark at times. C'est la vie.
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