The Decision

What is something you recently made a decision about?

A little over a year ago I started to write my memoirs about how I came to embrace Islam as a 60 year old woman after a lifetime as a catholic/Christian woman. I originally set out to do the project as an exercise for myself to look back at my past to see my spiritual journey and see where I had been and how I came to the place I am today. I wrote most of the memoir in four or five months, and then put it away and hadn’t worked on it for about ten months.

Last week, I received an email from a man who had read my blog. He was the son of a famous activist from the 1960s, and he had embraced Islam in the 1980s and had written a book. He encouraged me to write a book about my experiences as a former Catholic/Christian woman who adopted Islam as her way of life and the joys and sorrows that came along with that. We emailed back and forth several times, as I told him that I actually had been working on a memoir of just that type. He made some suggestions about acquiring a literary agent, telling me it wasn’t easy but to keep trying and pointed me in some directions to go. So I made the decision to finish the book and pursue the publication of the book, to seek out a literary agent and publisher or other alternative, and get the book published. I think the story of my spiritual journey will help someone else and that is why I made the decision to go ahead with completing the book. That was my decision. I hope I made the right one.


About mairedubhtx

I am a "youngish" grandmother of 15 year old twin granddaughter who has recently (is a year "recent"?) adopted Islam as my way of life, much to the consternation of my family. I love to read. I love to write. I am writing a book about my decision to revert, about my spiritual journey. I have another blog about stories from my youth, my parents, and grandparents. It's a blog so my OCD daughter will not be able to throw it out when I die. I suffer from depression and anxiety, for which I am treated, so my posts may be a bit dark at times. C'est la vie.
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One Response to The Decision

  1. judithhb says:

    Good for you. It must have been hard to “come out” and now that you have and are celebrating your conversion, go out and share it with the world!

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