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Dream-Like, or Nightmare

I woke very early this morning–somewhere around 3:15 a.m. No particular reason; just awoke. I read a bit in Deserts and Mountains, took a shower, wrote in my morning pages book (have been neglecting writing my book, however). I felt … Continue reading

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Maybe A Misunderstanding?

So why I have still not heard a word of any kind from Sabrina? Could we have a misunderstanding here? She asked a question the other day (Sunday) on FaceBook about Muslims celebrating Christmas. Some of her friends gave some … Continue reading

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A New Day

Funny what a good night’s sleep can do for the mind and the soul. It seems that everything appears the bleakest in the nighttime, especially when the day hasn’t gone so well either. The morning comes, and even though it’s … Continue reading

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More Christmas Day Thoughts

Now it’s noon. Still haven’t heard from my daughter. I guess I feel like writing about it since I can’t do anything about her lack of concern or sensitivity to me. I just hope and pray that her daughters never … Continue reading

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More Falls, Literally

Last night I took my granddaughters for dinner at their favorite restaurant–for us–Red Lobster. Cassie was awfully quiet. Jackie was talkative as usual. I had invited Sabrina, too, but Clint seems to have the flu–a virus, she says–but it sounds … Continue reading

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My Trip

I am glad that I went to NY, even though I have mixed emotions. It was wonderful being with Pattie. We had great talks. She understands me and the problems with Sabrina. Joanne is so much like my mother–go, go, … Continue reading

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Still Waiting For…

I went to see both Dr. S and John today. Dr. S doubled my new med to see if it would help my sleeping. About my agorophia, she says I have to FORCE myself to go out. She also decided … Continue reading

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Is This Another One? Oh, HELL, NO!

Rarely do I write 2 blogs in one day, let alone one morning, but after prayers, after I came downstairs and opened my computer to add Palwasha to Twitter, I got an aura. Auras for me often but not always … Continue reading

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Ate Too Late After Our Appointment

I was right to be apprehensive about our (Sabrina and my) appointment with John yesterday. She was pleasant when she came in, a little depressed, I think, because she didn’t get the job she was so certain she was going … Continue reading

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So it’s Sunday. I didn’t sleep well last night. I don’t know why. I kept waking up every hour or so. Around 3:30 am, I took some Klonopin. Didn’t really help. Didn’t feel terribly anxious, just couldn’t really sleep. When … Continue reading

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