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A New Day

Funny what a good night’s sleep can do for the mind and the soul. It seems that everything appears the bleakest in the nighttime, especially when the day hasn’t gone so well either. The morning comes, and even though it’s … Continue reading

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So Far So Good

It is 4 a.m. I woke at 3:30 a.m., which is even earlier than usual (an hour earlier!). I even took extra Klonopin before I went to sleep. WHAT THE …?! I just don’t get it. Dr. S is going … Continue reading

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Is This Another One? Oh, HELL, NO!

Rarely do I write 2 blogs in one day, let alone one morning, but after prayers, after I came downstairs and opened my computer to add Palwasha to Twitter, I got an aura. Auras for me often but not always … Continue reading

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I had another terrible migraine yesterday. ¡Maldita sea! I really wanted to get to Juma’ and then have coffee with Abudharr. Well, inshallah, I will get there tonight for the Saturday program. There will be a speaker from Houston tonight. … Continue reading

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Slept Like A Log

I remember absolutely no dreams from last night, though I feared there would be many after all I ate last night. But I am still waking at about 5 a.m. every day with a headache. I don’t believe it is … Continue reading

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