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Writing Challenge–Map It Out

Word Press asks us to use Google Maps to show you an important place in our lives and write about it. I’ve decided to show you where i grew up. I was born in Utica, NY and moved to New … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt–The Early Years

Write page three of your autobiography. Connie was my best friend in grammar school. We were inseparable. Connie came from an Irish-American family and loved all things Irish. Each year for St. Patrick’s Day, she taught us Irish jigs and … Continue reading

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Between Years

What were your “between” years (10-12) like? My between years, to my recollection, were actually not too bad. I had my best friend Connie and we were inseparable. We we constantly at each other’s houses and spend our time at … Continue reading

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Secrets and Best Friends

Is there anything you wouldn’t tell your best friend? If I had a significant other, I wouldn’t tell my best friend things that were going on between him and me. I believe that those things should be kept private and … Continue reading

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Five Question Friday

1. If you could buy any car, money not an option, what would it be? A Mercedes Benz 2. What was your worst first date ever? A date with a guy named Steve when I was in high school. We … Continue reading

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