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Daily Prompt–Stroke of Midnight

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be? I am so boring. I should get a life. Just before midnight, I took the dog out for a walk. I was a … Continue reading

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U is for Ulcers and Underwire

This is for Monday but for some reason, Word Press would not let me safe it as a draft. So you get it today, too. For “U,” I thought I would write about something that is going on now and … Continue reading

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P is for Pako and Postcards

Pako is my daughter’s ill-behaved Chihuahua whom many of you are familiar with from a biting incident this past summer. However, today I will discuss Pako’s good attributes rather than just his problematic behaviors. Pako is about 5 years old … Continue reading

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A Tribute To Nyx

Yesterday, my granddaughters’ elderly dog Nyx (short for Onyx) passed away suddenly and peacefully at home. She was on the kitchen floor when the girls came home from school and of course, the they very upset. She had been slowing … Continue reading

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Friday–Very Busy

This has been a very busy day today and it’s only early afternoon. Ernie had an appointment with the doggie eye doctor this morning. Mashallah, he is doing really well. The doctor is very pleased with his progress with both … Continue reading

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