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Talk about one important thing that happened between last Friday and today. One important thing that happened between last Friday and today was that I FINALLY went on holiday. It was not easy, though. Usually I pack everything early and … Continue reading

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Ralphy and the Destruction of the Phone and Other Objects

I love my dogs. I really do. But sometimes they can find the worst ways to get into trouble and the trouble is like a snowball rolling down a steep hill. It just gets rolling faster and faster and faster… … Continue reading

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House On Fire

If my townhome were on fire, there is not doubt that I would grab my two Japanese Chin dogs and get out. Things can be replaced. I would miss things, of course, but I would be heartbroken if I could … Continue reading

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R is for Ralphy

I have two Japanese Chin dogs. One is nearly 6 years old and is a well-behaved, laid back dog, very good at being a couch potato. That’s Ernie, who has an eye problem but is getting better. The other one … Continue reading

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L is for Loni (R.I.P.)

A few weeks ago my granddaughters came home from school to find that their older dog had died suddenly. It was really a traumatic experience for them, but they are slowly getting over it. One granddaughter, Cassie, is about the … Continue reading

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J is for Japanese Chin

I’ve been waiting for “J” so that I could write about my dogs. I have two Japanese Chin dogs, both rescued from the JCCare society. I got my first rescued Chin about 6 years ago when I lived in Austin. … Continue reading

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Life With Ralphy And Ernie

He hasn’t even been here a week but he’s wiggled his way into our lives. Ralphy, a 10-month old rescued Japanese Chin, came on a trial basis last Friday. It was a bit awkward at first. Ernie, my 5- year … Continue reading

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Writing My Book

I got up on time today (5 a.m.) and read my emails and watched a little TV before I said my prayers. Then I just decided to write. I wrote quite a bit yesterday, and it was an emotionally charged … Continue reading

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