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Dreams or Reality?

Would you rather have a video copy of your dreams or a datebook of the events of each day of your life? I would rather have a video of my dreams. I know what has happened in my very noneventful … Continue reading

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Do you usually remember your dreams? I usually do remember at least a good portion of my dreams, especially the ones in the early morning. My dreams are very vivid and very often have to do with work-related topics though … Continue reading

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Recurring Dreams

Although I haven’t worked for six years due to disability and retirement, I still have recurring dreams about work. The dreams usually blend all my work experiences for three major employers into one. In other words, the people from one … Continue reading

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Dreams and Nightmares

Okay, I like a challenge. This is a lame topic. Some people have lucid dreams where they can control what they dream. I’ve heard all about saying a certain verse over and over in your mind before you go to … Continue reading

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Writing My Book

I got up on time today (5 a.m.) and read my emails and watched a little TV before I said my prayers. Then I just decided to write. I wrote quite a bit yesterday, and it was an emotionally charged … Continue reading

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More Wacky Dreams

It must be the chicken salad sandwich with is causing all these vivid strange dreams. In one dream, I was trying to teach my sister to drive a stick shift truck. She didn’t even realize that driving a shift was … Continue reading

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