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My Most Memorable Valentine’s Day

My most memorable Valentine’s Day occurred when I was in the fifth grade. I had a crush on Timmy and he had a crush on me. He wanted to give me a gift for Valentine’s Day and he told me … Continue reading

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What Can’t You Do?

What can’t you do? I’m good at a lot of things, mostly intellectual activities. But one thing I cannot do and only really accomplished a handful of times in my life is parellel parking. I managed to parallel park to … Continue reading

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City or the Country

Do you prefer the city or the country? I grew up in the country but lived rather near the city. But it was in the country. So I know what living in the country is like. I also lived in … Continue reading

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Talk about one important thing that happened between last Friday and today. One important thing that happened between last Friday and today was that I FINALLY went on holiday. It was not easy, though. Usually I pack everything early and … Continue reading

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What is your biggest frustration with driving? My biggest frustration with driving is not with other drivers but with the constant road work around here that seems to go on forever. The road work on a section of road takes … Continue reading

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