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Ripped in the Headlines–Update

I now have two employed granddaughters. JM starts her first day at the fast-food restaurant today. I have to take her to work this morning for her first day of work. She went yesterday to fill out paperwork. She starts … Continue reading

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Top 5 30 Day Challenge

Day Thirteen: Top 5 Dream Jobs 1. Book Reviewer 2. Librarian 3. Theater Reviewer 4. Music Reviewer 5. Dance Reviewer Do we see a pattern here?

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When is it okay to quit something? Our culture frowns on people quitting things. There is a “stick-to-it”attitude that pervades our society, and that can be a good thing. But sometimes backing out of a project or a relationship–in other … Continue reading

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Normally, I am not a risk taker. I usually get pushed into a taking a risk or find myself in a position where I really have to take a risk. For example, my job years ago was literally killing me … Continue reading

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Job Interviews

I don’t know what to write about: my summer job interview when I was in college, my first job out of college, or my “real” job. Perhaps I’ll describe them all. After my first year of college, I needed a … Continue reading

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Going Invisible

Another lame topic, but I’ll give it a go. What would I do if I could go invisible for a day? I would like to go spy of my daughter’s new office and see what she is like a work. … Continue reading

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