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30-Day Book Challenge

Day 1. Favorite Book My favorite book of later, which is now a movie to be released in August, is The Help, by Kathryn Stickett. It will probably mean much more to people of a certain age in the States, … Continue reading

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Apocalyse Not Now; The Rapture Fails To Materialize

Headline: “Apocalyse Not Now; The Rapture Fails to Materialize” Well, 6 p.m. has come and gone in New Zealand and Australia and everyone is is present and accounted for. I know many people spend countless hours on figuring out the … Continue reading

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Unhealthiest Meal

It’s difficult to decide which of my meals is the unhealthiest. I have a horrible diet. I eat whatever is around and whatever I feel like eating since I have no one to cook for and I am totally undisciplined. … Continue reading

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T is for Taco

The minor league baseball team located here in San Antonio are the Missions. They play in Nelson Wolff Stadium, named after a former mayor. The seats are located to the south east so that the setting sun does not blind … Continue reading

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O is for Opossum

My daughter’s cats stay in the garage garage with the door cracked at the bottom. Her husband is very allergic to the cats and so the two of them, Phil and Picnic, stay either in there or on the porch. … Continue reading

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M is for Mystery

I love to read. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! What I look to read more than anything are mysteries. It all started many (many) year ago when I discovered Agatha Christie. I read every one of her books. My favorite character was … Continue reading

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J is for Japanese Chin

I’ve been waiting for “J” so that I could write about my dogs. I have two Japanese Chin dogs, both rescued from the JCCare society. I got my first rescued Chin about 6 years ago when I lived in Austin. … Continue reading

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For some unknown reason, Americans seem to have developed a love affair with bacon. When I took my granddaughters to dinner on Sunday at Denny’s (one of their favorite places because it’s not crowded and we don’t have to scream … Continue reading

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