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When You Go To A Movie Theater…

When you go to a movie theater to you prefer it to be relatively empty so you can sit wherever you want or do you like t to be crowded like an opening night? Personally, I prefer there are as … Continue reading

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Is there a cure for stupidity? I don’t think so. There is a cure for ignorance. You can learn and conquer and overcome your ignorance, but stupidity is another matter entirely. If someone is stupid, they usually don’t realize it … Continue reading

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City or the Country

Do you prefer the city or the country? I grew up in the country but lived rather near the city. But it was in the country. So I know what living in the country is like. I also lived in … Continue reading

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At My Best

When are you at your best? I’m at my best early in the morning. Very early. My meds are working and I am alert and very productive. I can get a lot accomplished and can also get out and do … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Know

List ten things you know to be absolutely certain. 1. I know there is a God. 2. I know there are good people in the world. 3. I know evil exists. 4. I know I love my little dogs. 5. … Continue reading

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The Holiday Season

What are your most favorite and least favorite things about the holiday season? My least favorite thing about the holiday season are the “specials” on Tv that are 20 and 30 years old that they bring out every year. They … Continue reading

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Strategy for Life

Explain your strategy for life. My strategy for life is pretty simple. Be a good person. Be the best person you can be. Don’t to anything deliberately to hurt any other person. If you hurt another person by your actions, … Continue reading

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Regifting or Returning

Which is more uncomfortable, regifting or returning a gift? For me returning a gift is definitely more uncomfortable. I hate to return something to a store and then have a credit to spend in a store that I have no … Continue reading

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Five Question Friday

1. What’s the oldest piece of clothing in your closet? A pair of jeans that I’ve had FOREVER. I can’t even begin to tell you how old they are. They are a little too big for me now that I’ve … Continue reading

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Do you usually remember your dreams? I usually do remember at least a good portion of my dreams, especially the ones in the early morning. My dreams are very vivid and very often have to do with work-related topics though … Continue reading

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