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Regaining Trust

I’m not sure that trust can ever be completely regained once it is broken. I’ve had a lot of experience with broken trust. I have been married twice and both time, my husbands betrayed me, although in different ways. One … Continue reading

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The Skill I Wish I Had

The skill I wish I possessed instantly right now would be–dancing. I have always loved to watch dancers–ballet, modern, ballroom, jazz, hip-hop–you name it, I enjoy it. And I am envious that these marvelous people can practice their art and … Continue reading

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And the Forgotten Papers

I had to drive all the way back to the car rental agency because I left my insurance papers and my temporary license (which was lost during the original accident and so I had to apply for another). I should … Continue reading

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The Accident Saga Continues

It never ends. I took my car to the dealership this morning because the “check engine” light came on Friday and today was the first day I could take it, so I only drove it a few miles. Apparently there … Continue reading

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Talk or Text

Oh Lord. This will probably get me in more trouble but I’m going to tackle it. I would much prefer to talk on the telephone or in person than text. Texting is so limiting. It’s like email except worse. You … Continue reading

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I Apologize

Yesterday I wrote a blog in the topic “When were you last ‘on-fire?’” I wrote an honest account of the last time I was on fire, this past summer. Well, I seem to have offended my daughter who did not … Continue reading

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On Fire

The most “on fire” I have ever been was this past summer during the infamous dog bit incident. I’ve been through the details before but to bring you up to speed, my daughter’s ill-behaved but adorable chihuahua bite me and … Continue reading

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My Favorite Place

The topic for today is so similar to one a week or so ago (your favorite meal and your last meal) that I decided to go in a completely different direction. The photo challenge for this week gave me the … Continue reading

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No Drafts

The topic is to finish a draft. But alas, I have no drafts to finish. I rarely have a draft that I would have to go back to. It’s too hard to start writing again on a topic after I’ve … Continue reading

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