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My Most Memorable Valentine’s Day

My most memorable Valentine’s Day occurred when I was in the fifth grade. I had a crush on Timmy and he had a crush on me. He wanted to give me a gift for Valentine’s Day and he told me … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge–Map It Out

Word Press asks us to use Google Maps to show you an important place in our lives and write about it. I’ve decided to show you where i grew up. I was born in Utica, NY and moved to New … Continue reading

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My Early Years

Tell us about the beginning of your life. I was the eldest child of three children born to my parents. I was the first girl born into my paternal family since my father’s infant sister who died at birth. So … Continue reading

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Where My Parents Were Born

have you been to where your parents were born? What was it like? I lived just outside the city where my father was born, in Utica, NY. I knew the house he lived in as a child but not the … Continue reading

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A Debt not Repaid

I will never be able to repay my parents (who are now deceased) for the love and understanding they gave me when I was growing up. My family was a lower middle class family and we lived in a small … Continue reading

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