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I’m So Anxious

6:15 p.m That’s the time of Sabrina and my appointment with John, my therapist. I am unbelievable nervous and anxious. Our last session was so upsetting. I hope and pray that we can work out our problems. I miss my … Continue reading

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Why Am I Still So Depressed?

I am still depressed and anxious. Not as bad as yesterday or the day before, but still had IBS this morning and headache (rebound from the hydrocodone?). I have not had a call from Sabrina in a week. She didn’t … Continue reading

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A "Sick Day"

I feel awful today. I was unbelievably tired this morning, even though I went to bed relatively early last night. Ernie slept with me on the bed all night. I think he was still groggy from the anesthesia. I was … Continue reading

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