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Dreams About Nazi Germany

My dreams have been so strange of late. They involve me being a Jew in Europe and people I know as Nazis. But also in these dreams are my grandmother and my Uncle Don and his long-time friend Andy. I … Continue reading

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Dreams of the Night

I had 2 dreams last night. The first one I remember is being with Curt in New York. It involved traveling on the subway. It was like reliving experiences I actually lived through. There was another dream just before I … Continue reading

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Good Things, Not So Good Things

Yesterday was a mixed day for me. First, I went to see Bart to have money put into my checking account so that I can pay bills, buy Christmas gifts, and pay for my trip to NYS. I really hated … Continue reading

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A Welcome Phone Call

I received a phone call from Sabrina last evening. She was at the airport waiting for her flight to Las Vegas. She is going out for DJames’s 1st birthday, which is on Friday. Rachel is picking her up and she … Continue reading

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More Dreams

I only remember part of one dream last night. The part I remember was Ernie grabbing the carrot toy from Hannah and running off with it. So maybe I should take his carrot to the pet resort. I was thinking … Continue reading

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Still Waiting For…

I went to see both Dr. S and John today. Dr. S doubled my new med to see if it would help my sleeping. About my agorophia, she says I have to FORCE myself to go out. She also decided … Continue reading

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Wacky dreams again. Now I’m in a submarine with the ER doctor from The Doctors show, the one who was in The Bachelor. But he is a submarine commander. We are going for a ride from the US across to … Continue reading

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Stuck In The House

Well, here I am again, unable to get out of the house. I was supposed to have an appt with my kidney specialist today, and I woke with a slight headache and feel anxious. I took 1 HC and 1/2 … Continue reading

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A Break-Through

Sabrina and I met with John last night, and for the first time in nearly 3 months, I have hope that I have not lost my daughter. She was pleasant but tired when she came in. Jackie has a cold, … Continue reading

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