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What does love mean to you? Love is so complicated. It is a combination of affection, loyalty, respect, honor, empathy, and so much more. Love makes a person care about another human being. Platonic or sexual, love is all-encompassing. We … Continue reading

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Something I Never Believed In vs Something I Did Believe In

I never believed that there could be unconditional life for a child until I gave birth to my daughter. As a child, I experienced physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my mother. I was never sure if she … Continue reading

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Up Early

I woke early again (4:45 a.m.) but have no intention of trying to get back to sleep as it is now well after 5 a.m. So I decided to write a little about what I’m thinking now. It’s even too … Continue reading

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My Reality Show

If I were to produce a reality show, it would be about my life. Like my book, it would be about an American woman who was born and raised according to American values and Western culture and then adopted Islam … Continue reading

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Dream-Like, or Nightmare

I woke very early this morning–somewhere around 3:15 a.m. No particular reason; just awoke. I read a bit in Deserts and Mountains, took a shower, wrote in my morning pages book (have been neglecting writing my book, however). I felt … Continue reading

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I’m So Anxious

6:15 p.m That’s the time of Sabrina and my appointment with John, my therapist. I am unbelievable nervous and anxious. Our last session was so upsetting. I hope and pray that we can work out our problems. I miss my … Continue reading

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