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This is not any easy question. Boundaries are funny things. You sort of know where they are by instinct. And even then, one’s instincts are not always correct. I am usually pretty good at determining where my boundaries are in … Continue reading

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30 Day song Challenge

Day 8. A song you know all the words to. It’s an old song and I like it. Maybe the best by the Beatles; that’s why I know all the words.

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30 Days of Truth

Day 8. Someone who made your life hell or treated you like shit Both my ex-husbands fall into this category. The first cheated on me and gave me STDs. The other had me served with divorce papers when I was … Continue reading

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Five Question Friday

1. Do you think cursive writing is overrated? As long as someone can read what you’ve written, that’s the important part. So much of our communication is through media such as email, texts, etc. that in terms of cursive writing, … Continue reading

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